Auto Accidents

There are several different situations that will bring people in seeking chiropractic treatment in Las Vegas, and one of the most common of these are auto accidents. Getting medical treatment right away at East Desert Inn Wellness after an accident is sound advice, both from a legal and a medical aspect.

car accident

Your Options After an Auto Accident

Depending on the severity of the accident you were in and your specific injuries, your medical options are to go to the emergency room, see your own health care provider or see a chiropractor. In some cases, you may even want to get more than one kind of medical care. Chances are if you are hurt badly you will be headed to the emergency room. But if you are feeling achy or have a decreased range of motion in your arms, shoulders, neck or back, or find you are experiencing headaches, then chances are a visit to your chiropractor is your best bet. 

At East Desert Inn Wellness in Las Vegas, NV, our chiropractor is an expert at diagnostics, and the sooner you come to visit us the stronger link we can provide between your auto accident and the injuries you suffered. If you are making a claim with the insurance company in order to cover your medical and other bills or if you need to file a personal injury claim with an attorney, having a clear record of your injury and treatment goes a long way toward building a strong case.

From a medical standpoint, the earlier you start your treatment, the better you are likely to recover. It is important to come in right away, even if you aren’t feeling symptoms. A number of factors prevent many people from truly feeling their injuries right away. They may be operating off of adrenaline, or may just be happy they are walking away and don’t look like “the other guy.” But a little ache in the lower back can manifest into sciatica nerve pain running all the way down your legs. Neck pain from whiplash can turn into chronic headaches if they are not treated properly. At East Desert Inn, we will figure out what is going on, and treat it before it becomes a bigger problem, in many cases, our patients are able to recover without using drugs and medications.

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At East Desert Inn Wellness in Las Vegas, NV, we employ a holistic philosophy to chiropractic care and build our practice on fundamental spinal manipulation, nutrition advice and other therapeutic methods that encourage the body to heal itself. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us at East Desert Inn Wellness in Las Vegas, NV at 703-333-1995.